Battlefield 3 Support Class Guide

Battlefield 3 Support Class Guide

In this Battlefield 3 Support Class Guide, we will examine about the Support Kit, the upsides and downsides, best techniques and obviously, the evening out ways to utilize this class.

Combat zone 3 Support Class Guide – Overview, Strengths, and Weaknesses

You will utilize Support Kits to help other player clearly. Assuming that your group merits backing up and very much organized, this is the class you would need to go for. It won’t be that great to utilize this class in the event that you are playing irregular impromptu games or when you have an extremely disordered group.

This class uses light automatic rifles which need precision from a good ways yet can manage a great deal of low-harm shots. You can utilize this very 6.5 creedmoor ammo for Suppression Fire at significant distances and to bring down foes at mid-ranges. Don’t consider involving it for short-range battles. You’ll be dead in the blink of an eye.

Shortcomings of this class lies in short and long-went battles. On the off chance that you’re playing a help class, you ought to be remaining between Engineer/Assault players and Recon players. This way you can drop Ammo Kits on one or the other side and furthermore utilize your light automatic rifle appropriately to go after foes behind strengthened targets.

Combat zone 3 Support Kit Guide – Leveling Tips

You will get 50 focuses at whatever point any of your colleague chases down an objective that you are stifling with target fire. This decreases your responsibility considerably. This way you can make a bank out of the focuses by utilizing Suppression Fire joined with your huge ammunition cut.

One more method for procuring focuses is by dropping Ammo Kits to your partners at whatever point they need. You drop Ammo Kits with the assistance of directional cushion left button. Everytime you drop Ammo Kits from the pack, you are compensated with focuses (twofold focuses for crew individuals). Heap them up!

Support class need not enjoy direct kills. They can without much of a stretch procure a great deal of focuses through Ribbons, Suppression Fire, Kill Assists and Dropping Ammo Packs. You should pay due significance to this since you don’t actually need a high Kill:Death proportion to be a compelling help player. In any case, ensure that you stay away from however many capital punishments as you can.

Combat zone 3 Support Kit Strategies

As we talked quite recently, Support Class can truly be great with giving Ammo Packs. The most interesting piece of this is that not just you revive the ammunition sum among your partners, yet you additionally gain admittance to additional explosives alongside it. Which can truly be helpful.

Lets take a genuine model. Support you are on Rush Mode and you and your group end up losing your most memorable arrangement of targets. Here, you and your colleague with C4 can begin obliterating every one of the covers prompting the following arrangement of targets. Toss C4 all around the items, trees on the guide and afterward explode them. And afterward, toss down an Ammo Pack so your partners can be re-provided.

Along these lines, your foes can scarcely get a spot to stow away and consequently, will have less possibilities progressing to the following goal. Now that they will not have any cover, they need to deal with directly which is absolutely self-destructive for them. This is on the grounds that your Recon and Assault Players can undoubtedly chase them down as and when your foes stumble into the guide.

Concealment Fire

Support class is great at Suppression Fire. Be that as it may, because of the low precision given by the slug, it will not have the option to chase down foes from significant distance except if they have been hanging out in an open region for a long while. Remember that your weapons have a high shoot rate with a great deal of ammunition inside each.

How could it be favorable to you? Envision an occasion where you are on Operation Metro in all out attack mode side and you are holding back nothing level headed. Anyway the foe is safely positioned in the lobbies at the rear of the structure. Here, you can begin showering on the adversaries setting up camp region with your assault rifle.

Clearly you will not have the option to chase them down absolutely yet essentially you can make them quickly get as far away as possible. During this time, your Assault Kit group can push ahead and attempt to move the rivals or set up in a legitimate way to get the goal. What’s more, the end of the line for your Engineers, they will have a ton of time to point with their Rocket Launchers to destroy the foe cover (or even draw near to the point of establishing C4)

Front line 3 Support Class Guide Conclusion

On the off chance that you use these tips and procedures gave in this Battlefield 3 Support Class Guide, you can step up quicker as well as dominate a lot more matches by supporting your group and thusly, procuring more focuses. Getting authority at Suppression Fire can take some time however everything revolves around tapping the perfect open door to assist your colleagues with chasing down your foes and push ahead in the game. Recollect that your occupation isn’t to get a kill count, however to drive your foe to make tracks while your different partners do the genuine killing.

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